Our Foundation




Icon philantropic foundation is a Non-Governmental organisation is incorporated and registered under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2007 and its Headquarter is situated in Nigeria, is set to server as a skill acquisation center for youths and prepare them for gainful self-employment world wide.

The organisation started programming to serve delivery especially assisting the less privilege one’s, orphanage and poor children to assess primary education and there primary goal. We run the programme to our highest capacity.





Our Mission

Our mission is to touch the lives of the less privilege. We would achieve this with global cooperation and partnerships in order to bring lasting solutions to economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian challenges in our society.

Forward Thinking

The Icon Philanthropic team remains dedicated to empowering the less privileged communities, organisations and individuals. with our forward thinking strategy, our mode of operation is to build partnerships that will bring together resources and expertise to identify critical pressing societal issues.

Problem Solvers

Ensuring that the problem of poverty is solved in Africa, we are working tirelessly to provide various kinds of support to educate individuals in the less privileged communities

Result Oriented

The problems we seek to solve are complex and demand the coordination and focus of many leaders, governments, communities, and individuals around the world. Our work is challenging, but we know we are driven by the sole purpose of impacting positive change in individuals, localized communities and the broader society. We cannot change the world alone but together, the result will be limitless


Together, We Can!